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Crossing Paths, Crossing Perspectives / Regards Crosés (2023)

Illustrated book covers and frontispieces for a book about comparative urban studies in Vancouver and Montreal, edited by Meg Holden and Sandra Breux. The books can be purchased through UBC Press or Laval University Press (EN / FR). 


The Solid State Model (2023)

Part of my role as Research Director at Solid State is also creating graphics to articulate how our model works. This is our process of developing worker cooperatives and businesses within the solidarity economy. 

A Paradigm of Restorative Justice

Based on the book Fumbling Towards Repair (2019) by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan, I drew a conceptual illustration to understand Restorative Justice in contrast to other methods of dealing with harm

Restorative Justice illustration.jpeg

Vivre en Ville 2021

Collaborated and conceptualized with Dr. Meg Holden as illustrator and presentation designer for a talk last October at Marche Bonsecours, Montreal. She discussed global urban resilience using two eco-neighbourhoods (écoquartier) as case studies: Dockside Green in Victoria, B.C. and Frequel-Fontarbie in Paris, France. 

Crisis Intimacies

My thesis defence presentation where I narrated and illustrated three roommate stories. You can download the entire presentation on this page

Just For Fun

Thanks so much to my friends and their lovely animals. 

Dog people. I've imagined a world populated by these creatures.